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Color blind glasses - Why and How - Questions and answers about Color blind glasses

See the world in perfect colors! If you are color blind, this is the perfect solution!

Colorlite has been providing prescription color blindness correction glasses since 1998.
Colorlite color vision correction glasses are personalized to your unique color and vision prescriptions and can be ordered in most frames.

You will find 11 different color blind tests on their website.

Red-green color blind test

Tritan (blue) color blind test

Color arrangement test

Color matching test

Van Gogh Puzzle

Let me show you how I see colors

Ishihara color blind test

Lantern color blind test

Color blind test for kids

Learning Color With Colorlite Glasses!

PseudoIsochromatic Plate (PIP) Color Vision Test

What you need to know about Colorlite color blind glasses

1. How can I get Colorlite color blind glasses?

Contact one of our affiliates Eye Care Professional for your personalized exam.
Contact USA - Contact Europe - Contact Middle East

2. How much does a pair of Colorite correction glasses cost?

The cost of Colorite correction glasses will be comparable to the cost of a typical pair of vision correction glasses. The cost will depend on a patient's specific vision deficiency (if they need a prescription for vision in addition to the color correction lenses) and depending on the frame the patient chooses. The prices will vary by each country and each optician. Please contact your nearest Colorite Eye Care Professional to get a quote. Many insurances will cover the cost, or a portion of the cost, of the diagnostic exam and glasses.

3. When can I get it?

About 4 weeks after ordering.

4. Can I incorporate the color correction lenses with vision prescription eyeglasses?

Yes, it can be used any kind of prescription glasses (plano or focal).

5. Can I use the Colorlite color blindness correction lenses with other frames?

Yes, your eye care professional can cut and fit the lenses to any frame.

6. Why are Colorlite color blindness correction lenses are colored?

The tints are a side effect of this technology. The color spectrum is changed by colored coatings.

7. Do I need UV protection layer?

Yes, and it is included. Colorlite color blindness correction lenses absorb less then 40% of the incoming light, therefore your pupils are more open. UV protection blocks all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.

8. Can I use Colorlite color blindness correction glasses to pass color vision tests?

With the help of the Colorlite color blindness correction glasses you should score significantly higher on the color vision tests and typically pass them. However, it is not guaranteed. This is why you should visit your Eye Care Professional to test the lenses prior to ordering. You will see exactly how effective they will be for you. Colorlite corrective lenses result in significant improvement in more than 95% of color vision deficiency (CVD) cases. You will discover more color and hues that were unrecognizable before!

9. Can I use the Colorlite color blindness correction glasses at night?

We do not recommend the use of Colorlite color blindness correction glasses at night. The Colorlite correcive lenses absorb less than 40% of the incoming light.

10. How should I use Colorlite color blindness correction glasses?

When you put on your Colorlite color blindness correction glasses, allow time for your eyes to adjust to the new colored environment. It takes a few minutes. Adaption is a very important part of the mechanism of color vision enhancement. You are fully adapted to your Colorlite corrective glasses when a white wall is seen as white.

11. Can I order bifocal, multifocal or cylindrical lenses?

If you need bifocal, multi-focal or lenses outside of a ±6 dioptric range, please contact your eye care professional.

12. Where can I try the Colorlite color blindness correction lenses?

You can try the Colorlite color blindness correction lenses and choose and kind of frames, if you visit one of our affiliates Eye Care Professionals.

13. How can I order Colorlite color blindness correction glasses if I am outside of the Europe and the United States?

Please contact us in email!